Steve Galea Pace

Steve has been fixated on investing for as long as he can remember.

His first attempted investment was performed at the young age of fourteen. It was in a stock where the research involved was reading half an article, and by the end of it, he earned him 100 euros.

Today Steve is an investment analyst in the Netherlands, his job is to research which European stocks to invest in, and invest in them on behalf of a large insurance company.

Besides this, Steve is also sinking his feet into the start-up space. He is a co-owner of a startup company Vinotyp, which is a wine subscription company based in Malta.

Lover of small caps, hater of government bonds.

Investing Start Age: 14

Current Age : 26

Steven Coleiro

ACCA certificate holder with big four experience, looking for a more compelling and influential role within the realm of investments and all things creative.

Steven broke away from the auditing and advisory profession almost a year ago to pursue his own private ventures – A difficult decision after 4/5 years working in the industry.

His decision was primarily based on the inability to express creativity in an industry that is in itself uncreative.

Loves a good adventure, and can’t sit still to save his life!

Steve is happy-go-lucky with a passion for creativity, people, and definitely knows how to kick it into high gear when challenged.

Investing Start Age: 22

Current Age: 27

Jean Gatt

Qualified Software Engineer, having 7+ years of experience mainly in the Telcom and Fin-Tech industries. In his most recent role, he is part of one of Malta’s most promising start-ups disrupting the global banking industry.

Jean loves making new connections, enjoys a good challenge, and gets most of his motivation from helping people out.

Like Steve, Jean is in the pursuit of his own ambitions looking to leave his legacy behind.

Three words to describe Jean at his best would have to be: Energy, Desire, and Passion. 

Investing Start Age: 18

Current Age: 27




The Investment Hub was created with the aim of building a compelling community of both experienced and inexperienced investors set to engage on a single platform.

The market can be unforgiving at times, burning many new investors - but just remember you're never alone!



We all want to see others succeed with their investments, and if we can play any role in that - all the better!

If you're facing any troubles or questions, contact either one of us through the Investment Hub Group on Facebook, Instagram or drop us an email



If you're going to take this 'investing thing' seriously, you're going to have to put in the hours to understand the ins and the outs of the markets. Our content is aimed at simplifying that process for you.

At the end of the day, the best investment one can make is within themselves.



Let's be honest, we'd all like to retire comfortably...

Current socio-demographic trends are starting to put some serious pressure on the sustainability of pensions for Millennials and Gen-z'ers. We don't want anyone to be caught out on this emerging trend should it ever materialise.

What we do want is, to build a sustainable investment community in Malta, and educate people on the power of compounded interest. If you play your cards right, who knows, you might also be able to retire earlier without a worry about your pension!

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As financial markets continue to make news headlines through the meteoric rise of Bitcoin or the GameStop short squeeze, and as interest rates remain at historic low rates, financial investment is turning mainstream. 

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Business journalist